To be allowed to enter, settle and stay in the campsite, you have to be authorized by the manager or his representative who ensures the site adhere to standards (Cleanness, customer service, maintenance, infrastructure and equipment, security) and make sure the requirements of these regulations are observed.

Any booking or stay on the campsite implies the strict respect of the conditions mentioned in the inner rules of the campsite.




Any person staying at least one night in the campsite must previously show his documents to the manager and fill the forms demanded by the police.

Underage children staying without their parents will be admitted only with a written parental consent.





The tent or the caravan and the related equipment must be put in the site selected by the manager or his representative.





Opening: the hours are displayed at the reception desk where you’ll find all the useful information for your stay.

A book of complaints or a special box designed to receive complaints are at the disposal of the customers.

The complaints will be taken into account if they are signed, dated as precise as possible and related to relatively recent events.




The fees are to be paid at the reception desk and are payable according to the number of nights you will spend in the campsite.

The customers who plan to leave before the opening hours of the reception desk have to pay their fees the day before.

If a customer wants an extension of his stay, he is invited to contact the reception desk.

If a stay is interrupted or shortened (late arrival, anticipated leaving) by the customer the fees cannot be refundable.




A computer reservation system is working FROM all the year round.

To rent a site, send a fully filled booking form, signed and with a bank cheque or proof of payment if by bank transfer.

To respect the booking schedule no cancellation of booking will be accepted and will lead to the loss of the repayment of the booking rights.

Confirmation of booking: a copy of the booking form will be returned to the customer with a receipt of his payment as confirmation of the booking. Show these documents at your arrival.

The fees are payable at the arrival according to the dates of booking indicated by the customer. 





A computer reservation system is working all the year round.

The minimum booking of a chalet is at least one week. The day of arrival is Saturday from 4 pm and the day of departure is Saturday 12:00.




For the reservations made more than 30 days before the stay, a 50% down payment will be asked when booking with a bank cheque or by bank transfer. The outstanding balance is due 30 days before the beginning of your stay.

An inventory sheet will be given to you at your arrival. Inform us about any anomaly on the same day. No complaints will be taken into consideration if made later. Bedding is not supplied.

A description of the property will be drawn up the day of your departure. Possible costs of refurbishment, missing or damaged equipment will be charged.




The renting of a chalet will take effect after our agreement and after the reception of the booking form and payment whose amount is indicated on the booking contract. A confirmation will be sent to you.

The booking will not be accepted if the payment is made without a booking form or vice versa.



On the day of your arrival, please show your booking confirmation.


Put a deposit of 200 € for the renting and a deposit of 50 € for the cleanness when you are given the keys.

These deposits will be paid back to you after a description of the property has been drawn up on the day of your departure.




Modifications of your booking are possible but are subject however to the availability of the chalets.




If a stay is interrupted or shortened (late arrival, anticipated leaving) by the customer no repayment will be possible.



All cancellation of booking has to be written and sent by registered post with acknowledgement of receipt.

The repayment of the already paid sums will be made after a reduction of the amounts shown below:
Cancellation more than 30 days  before the date of the beginning of the stay : a deposit of 25 will be kept by the camping management.
Cancellation less than 30 days before the date of the beginning of the stay: a deposit of 100 % will be kept by the camping management.



The customer is responsible for all the damage resulted from his personal act or omission, committed with the intent. He has to show and give an insurance contract adapted for his stay in the campsite. The cleaning of the chalet has to be made by the customer. The 50 € deposit will not be given back if the cleaning up has not be made by the customer.

Turn off the gas before leaving the chalets even for a short period.

Smoking is forbidden in the chalets.





It is not permitted to speak or to use radios, televisions, musical instruments or any other noise producing devices in such a way that they cause annoyance to other park guests. Close the trunk or the doors of your vehicles as quietly as possible. It is forbidden to leave your pets free in the campsite, even inside your lodging, in your absence you are civilly liable for them.

Silence has to be total between 22:00 and 7:00





After being authorized by the administrator or his representative, the visitors can be admitted in the camping site under the responsibility of the campers who invite them.  The customer can receive one or two visitors at the reception.

The facilities of the camping site are open to the visitors. However, you may be charged for the use of these equipment. The prices have to be put on a board at the entrance of the site or at the reception desk. The cars of the visitors are strictly forbidden in the site.



ARTICLE 10: Traffic and parking of the vehicles inside the campsite


You must respect the signs and the indications of the manager to drive or park your vehicle. 

The vehicles must go at a walking pace and no more than 10 km/h (6 ,21 mph).

Traffic is permitted between 7:00 am and 10:00 pm.

Only the cars of the campers staying in the site are allowed to run in the site. The parking is strictly forbidden on the sites usually occupied by the lodgings except if a parking lot has been designed to that end. The parking must not hinder the traffic nor to prevent the settling of newcomers.


ARTICLE 11: Upkeep and look of the equipment


Everybody has to refrain from any action which could prejudice cleanness, hygiene and the look of the camping site and its installations above all the bathrooms. It’s forbidden to throw the waste waters onto the ground or in the gutters. The customers have to get rid of their waste waters in the sanitary installations.

The household refuse, waste of any kind have to be put in the installations designed to that end and the papers have to be put into the dustbins.

The washing is strictly forbidden except in the sinks designed to that end.

Hang up the washing in the common drying room. However, you can hang up your washing till 10:00 next to the accommodations providing that it does not bother the neighbors. Use the already set lines but do not use a private clothes line between the trees.

Plantings and floral decorations have to be respected. It is forbidden to hammer in nails into the trees, to saw the branches or to cut the plantings.

It is not allowed neither to delimit the site of an installation by personal means nor to dig into the soil.

Every fixing due to a damage to the vegetation, the fences, the site or the installations will be chargeable to the responsible of these actions.

The site which will have been used during your stay must be kept in the same state you have found it at your arrival.




A) Fires

Campfires (wood, coal, etc.) are strictly forbidden. The stoves have to be maintained in good working order and not to be used in dangerous conditions.

The use of BBQ's are allowed as far as they comply with safety standards with the agreement and under the control of the manager and imperatively in the absence of wind.

In case of fire, inform the management immediately. You can use the extinguishers in case of necessity.

You will find a first aid kit at the reception desk.


B) Thefts

The management is responsible for the objects left at the reception desk and keeps a constant and close watch over the campsite. Every customer has the responsibility of his own lodging and belongings but must report to the management the presence of any suspicious looking character.

Even if the guarding is assured, the customers of the campsite are invited to take any appropriate steps to ensure the safety of their equipment.





Do not leave your children alone on the playground. Parents are responsible for seeing that their children safely play.

No violent or disturbing games can be organized next to the installations. The children have to be under the constant watch of their parents.





Objects can be stored only after an agreement with the management and only on a site you have paid for. A fee whose amount will be displayed at the reception desk will be payable for this storage option or garage death on a site but no more than 7 days.





The current inner rules are displayed at the entrance of the campsite and at the reception desk. The customer will be given these regulations upon his request.





In the case a customer would disturb the stay of the others campers or would not respect the rules written above, the manager or his representative orally or in writing has the right to give him notice to stop the disturbances.

In case of serious or repeated violations of the regulations and after being given notice by the management to conform to the rules the manager or his representative is entitled to cancel the contract.

In case of a criminal violation, the management is empowered to call the police to be brought in.






The security officer of the camping is a permanent representative of the Mayor. He can record an infringement of the rules .He can take all measures to maintain order, cleanness and the campsite in good state. He shows to each camper his booked site He will immediately deliver the personal mail of a customer upon the request of the latter.





Before swimming, the use of the foot bath and the shower is compulsory.

Toddlers and young children must be accompanied by an adult.

The surroundings and the water are not to be soiled.

Bathing suits are mandatory (shorts trousers and underpants are tolerated)



They are exceptionally admitted. They have to be vaccinated, never left free or inside the lodgings in the absence of their masters who are civilly liable for them. They are to be brought outside the camp to do their doody-doo or their business. They must no stray under threat of immediate removal of the masters. They are not admitted in the bathrooms, within the swimming pool enclosures and within the precincts of the playgrounds for the children.

The application of the Municipal decree about the regulation and the circulation of the stray dogs n° 2000/273 PM will be strictly respected.





The site will be available from 18:00 on the day of arrival and have to be freed up at 10:00 on the day of your departure.

By no means, the customers cannot delay their arrival. If he has already booked, the customer must inform the manager of his delay. If the security officer is not informed, the site will be available till 12:30 the day after and will be assigned to another camper. If you arrive later, you will be charged from the date written in your booking form.





MM the Heads of the Gendarmerie Brigade, the Municipal Police Officers, the Security Officer of the camping are entitled, according to their rank, to enforce the current rules which will be displayed on the usual boards and on a special board for information to the campers at the reception desk.