The camping site belongs to the SIAG which is an independent association of the communes of  Vaumeilh, Thèze, Sigoyer, Valernes and Sisteron.

After two unfortunate experiences, the camping site was about to disappear in October 2016 following the cessation of activity of the last manager Mr Patrice Alpin.

The "Aéroclub International de Sisteron" suggested then to the SIAG, the creation of an independant association to  manage  the camping  site. The profits made could allow the volunteers of this new association to take care of the site with no link with the accounts of the ACIS.

In November 2016, during a constituent assembly, Michel Badiller (tow pilot) and Joël Larmignat (chief pilot) decided to create the association "Le Camping du Ventus" with the utmost urgency.

Later on, other customers of the camping came to strengthen the team and the works to restore the site begun : trimming of the hedges, upkeeping of the lawns, installation of new doors and of  all the requisites for the bathrooms,  Wifi relay station, painting and restoration, cleaning and filling of the swimming pool etc…

The planned works for 2018 are : fixing of the front gate and the small gate leading to the runway opening with a digital code , repairing of the irrigation system, computerized  management  of the camping, doing up of the chalets, covering of the swimming pool and  still more works to come …..